The ShareMyPlaylists app is rich in functionality and allows
filtering of hundreds of thousands of high quality curated
playlists through many different methods to allow music
discovery for the user. The app also features drag and drop
functionality so that users can drag their Spotify playlists
from their sidebar directly into the app which in turn uploads
them to the website at ShareMyPlaylists.com.

One of the other main features of the app is a customisable
Playlist Generator. Start with an artist or band that you like
and with the click of a button the app generates a playlist
of similar artists that you can then save.

Launched in December 2011, the ShareMyPlaylists app
was one of the first in the Spotify App platform and is
one of the most popular.

open spotify: ShareMyPlaylists
The Coca-Cola Germany Spotify app is designed
to allow users to quickly create and upload custom
playlists into the app where they will be showcased
and judged based on their popularity each week to
win prizes.

The unique feature of this app is the ability of users
to connect the app to their Facebook account and
use their Facebook photos as playlist cover art.

The app also offers custom sharing via Facebook
where the client's branding is pulled through to all
Facebook shares.

open spotify: Coca-Cola
Purina Petfoods
The Purina app is a custom "Positivity Playlist" Generator
that ties into a wider campaign from the brand using music
to engage Facebook users.

The app enables the user to create a playlist based on their
favourite artists at the click of a button.

Weekly reporting is also available to view the most popular
artists used and other relevant data.

open facebook: Purina Petfoods